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hygiene sluis 4400

Hygiene Turnstile , prijs op aanvraag

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Hygiene Turnstile met hand en voet wassing



Energies: 100 AC to 240 AC volts.
Power Consumption: 60 watt
Features of the body: 1.20 mm, can be electrostatic paint on the metal sheet or 304 stainless steel.
Temperature Value: between -20 ° C and + 50 ° C
Arm Length: 43 cm
Turnstile Controls: For passing detents TTL , 3-50 volt dc pulse and CMOs with direct computer control or Rs 232, Rs 422 and Rs 485 or dry contacts can be used. Moreover, it can be easily connected to all kinds of access control units and other peripherals.
Turnstile Systems: It is designed as microprocessor controlled and operates in two directions. The mechanic damping is done with the absorber unit. When the power is cut off, the arms on both sides switch to the free position. Only one person is allowed to pass. There is a data output on the direction of passing. This output can be sent either directly to the computer or as a digital output.
Emergency Alarm Conditions: Free pass mode with automatically connected to security systems in emergency alarm situations.
Turnstile Display: Three-position, with a light indicator. The green arrow flashes if the turnstile is ready to pass. The green arrow constantly lights when the pass permit is received. A red "X" sign ligths on the turnstile, indicating that passing from opposite side is forbidden at that moment.
Design: The unique design of this turnstile offers a decorative look and provides smooth and silent passings.
Applications (Optional): The desired supply voltage requirements can be met and there are alternative cover options. Different solutions can be produced up to the need
Dimensions: 240 x 390 x 1030 (240 x 390 x 700 for children only)
Mounting: Fast and easy mounting with mounting kit
Warranty Period: 2 years
Quality Certificate: ISO 9001 - ISO 2008 -